improving quality of movement through Pilates

Mayfair Pilates was founded by Simon Gilchrist. Simon has been a Specialist Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist for over 20 years and has seen the amazing benefits of improving quality of movement through Pilates. He has used Pilates extensively with his patients and feels we need to focus on quality of movement and efficiency of movement to improve everyone’s wellbeing. Pilates has multiple benefits for the body from improving someones spinal health, to mobilising your joints and muscles to helping muscle imbalances and improving your postural awareness.

Modern day life involves more sitting and screens than it ever has before, which is taking its toll on our bodies. This is where Mayfair Pilates can help! We want to improve your health and wellbeing by improving how you move and developing strength from within. Our team led by Specialist Physiotherapists will help to tailor a unique programme to ensure good spinal health and wellness to enable you to reach your training or life goals.

Our beautiful purpose built Pilates studio sits within the exclusive Evolution Club in Mayfair.

This continues our relationship with Matt Roberts to a new address at 32 Grosvenor Sq, London. Our ground floor studio has high ceilings and large windows which bath the room in natural light. It is kitted out with the latest Balanced Body equipment including Studio reformers, Cadillac, the Wunda chair and a very functional piece of kit the Core align. The Club is beautifully finished and consists of well designed change rooms, a yoga studio and of course Matt Roberts Personal Training.

Our team of Pilates Specialists includes both our Pilates trained Specialist Physiotherapists and our Expert Pilates Instructors. The studio will be led by Elle Rich our Clinical Physio and Pilates Manager who has completed her training with Polestar Pilates. We believe in working as a team involving our Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors.It is this team approach that ensures that our clients receive the best possible combination of services so that they reach their fitness or rehabilitation goals faster. Pilates compliments all levels of physical activity, whether you are in the early stages of rehabilitation or want to improve your weighted squat 1 rep max.

Mayfair Pilates offers both Clinical and Fitness based Pilates. Clinical Pilates is a service that is bespoke to our clients individual pathologies and movement goals. Fitness based Pilates is for those clients who are looking for a good holistic workout and have well managed or no injuries.

Clinical Pilates

Your Physiotherapist will assess your movement, spinal control and flexibility and help to build a bespoke programme of work to target your injuries or build on any muscle imbalances or deficits that were identified in the assessment. They will set specific goals to drive change and improvement with retesting as you progress.

  1. Pilates 1:1 and 2:1 with a Physio
  2. Physio-led Clinical Pilates 4:1

Fitness Pilates

Our fitness based Pilates is led by our expert Pilates Instructors . Our Pilates Instructors were carefully selected for their extensive training and expertise in helping improve efficiency of movement and rehabilitation. They are adept at rehabilitating injuries but equally so pushing clients through tough workouts designed to maximise core strength, gluteal strength and improve function. They have extensive experience working with runners, cyclists, golfers and tennis players to improve their strength and stability which improves their performance and reduces their injury risk.

  1. Pilates 1:1 and 2:1 with a Pilates instructor
  2. Reformer Pilates class 4:1
  3. Circuit studio Pilates class 4:1




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